This Week's Bulletin Information!



Church of Christ

Discovering the Heart of Christ, in the Heart of Fairfield!

SPRING CYPRESS ASSISTED LIVING: Today at 1:30pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

 OCTOBER NURSERY VOLUNTEERS: Today= L. Fritz, R. Johnson. 10/20= D. Perkins, M. Allen. 10/27= J. Lehew, H. Lyons.

 COMMUNION PREPARERS NEEDED: If you would like to prepare/clean up communion on a monthly rotating basis, please let Mike Lehew or David Barringer know today. Thank You!

 W.A.R.M. [Waller Assistance and Restoration Ministries]: Current Needs: Fruit Juice, Canned Meat (Tuna, Canned Corn, Ramen Noodles, Macaroni & Cheese. [Only food items please].

 PRAYER REQUESTS: Nick Baggett, Maxine Barringer, Nicole Billington, Diane Brewer, Mike Butler, Caleb Carey, George Catlett, Patrick & Deborah Christian, Juan Cruz, Butch Daniel, Darrel Davis, Susie Douglas, Dennis Eccleston, Ramon Font, Bill Green, Steven Henry, Jack Hightower, Karen Hudson,  Lauren Johnson, Jerry Kretovics, Robert Johnson, Sr, Terry Johnson, Victoria Jinihosa, Phillip Lehew, Colleen Martin, Tad Masteller, Omar McCullough, Cory McMahan, DD Morgan, Steve Nail, Nikki Peters, Tanika Roberts, Justin Seyer, Kelly Smith, Zoretta Smith, Mallory Sauls, Larry Spaulding, Gary Thaimer, Lois Thomas, Ann Wyatt.


 COMING EVENTS: Volunteer Day Oct. 27. Spring Cypress Assisted Living, 1:30pm, Nov. 10.

 CHURCH BULLETIN BOARD: From time to time please check the bulletin board in the foyer to stay up to date on additional things happening in our area and around the world.