Church of Christ

What can you expect when you vist our services?

For those who attend the 10:30am worship service, every element of the worship will appear on a projection screen and the worship format is also listed in the bulletin you will receive as you enter. The worship will begin with a time of welcome and announcements about events at Fairfield church.


Discovering the Heart of Christ, in the Heart of Fairfield!

Prayers will be led during the worship service. If you have requests for prayer please write them on your guest card or tell one of the members and we will make sure we pray for you. Hymns of praise and worship will be sung during the worship service. All of the songs will be ‘acappella’ that is without accompaniment of musical instruments.

We celebrate communion every Sunday. This time is observed primarily for Christians to remember the covenant they have with God through the sacrifice of Christ. On a typical Sunday morning the offering is collected immediately after the Lord's Supper (communion).

You will hear a Bible Lesson (sermon) during the worship service. This lesson will deal with life issues and how the Bible gives us direction for dealing with them. The worship service will typically close with an encouraging praise song followed by a closing prayer. We pray this information will make your visit more comfortable and inspiring for you.